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We like to keep things simple and realistic.

We see people who are either health freaks or people who don’t care about their health at all. Where are all the in-betweens? We like to do things in moderation - whether that be eating a whole block of chocolate when you feel like it or going to a gym class 3 times a week.

We shouldn’t have to sacrifice all the fun just to be healthy. Life’s too short to worry about all of that nonsense.

None of us are perfect so we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves if we end up eating a cheeseburger (or two... maybe three if we're hungry) during a 'diet.' The solution? We need to seek a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Healthish is about being healthy, realistic and more importantly, having fun. 

Our aim is to create products that help you embrace this lifestyle. This is a way of life that we embody - something we live and breath everyday to help you live a healthish lifestyle.