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How To Start Your Day Right

For most of us, our morning routine tends to be non-existent. We’re either rushing out the door or hitting the snooze button and sleeping for way longer than we should. How you start your day determines how the rest of your day will pan out. We’re all about creating healthy habits so that’s why establishing a good routine is a must! Wake up earlier Being rushed is never a good feeling and it can put you in a bad mood. Make sure you’re going to bed at a reasonable hour and if you’re extra organised, you can even prepare for your morning the night before! It’s also amazing how much you can accomplish by waking up earlier. Not sure how...

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Why Water Can Cause Bloating

We all know that feeling bloated is the worst… it’s especially bad when not even a pair of Spanx can fix the situation. Water is the key to so many health benefits but sometimes our bodies hold on to excess water, which can cause that unwanted bloating (it’s important to mention that there can be a number of factors that cause this too like certain foods, your diet, hormone changes, etc.). We’ve come up with ways on how to avoid water retention: Stick to room temperature water while eating Drinking cold water during a meal can disrupt the digestive process by diluting and cooling the digestive enzymes, which are needed to digest foods effectively. We recommend sticking to room temperature...

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STOP Reusing Plastic Disposable Water Bottles

  First of all, hooray for making an effort to stay hydrated. But did you know that reusing disposable plastic bottles could pose serious health issues? I think we’ve all been guilty of doing this at some stage whether you’re in a rush out the door or you’ve been too lazy to get a bottle (it’s the latter for us…). Disposable bottles are supposed to be just that: disposable and not meant for multiple uses. The plastics are brittle meaning that it degrades in a short amount of time so every day wear and tear and repeated washings can lead to the physical breakdown of the plastic and cracks start to appear. These little crevices are breeding grounds for bacteria; so...

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Sip Away Your Stress

Life can be stressful enough as it is so the additional stress from dehydration is something that can easily be avoided. Relieving stress can be as simple as having a glass of water. It may sound too good to be true, but if you think about how much our bodies rely on water, it all starts to make sense.  Here are a few little fun facts: Our bodies are made up of 65% water Human blood is 83% water, bones are 25%, brains are 75% All of our organs require water to function We lose over 64 ounces of water every day through perspiration Hydration is critical to blood circulation Water helps break down carbohydrates, fat and protein When we...

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You Glow Girl! Easy Tricks To Get That Healthy Glowing Skin You’ve Always Wanted!

It’s time to say goodbye to those unwanted zits and that dull skin with these easy and proven tips: 1. Don’t forget the SPF Sun exposure can lead to wrinkles and pigmentation. Avoid the harsh and strong UV rays by slathering on sunscreen. If you’re not using sunscreen now, NOW IS THE TIME TO START! It’s an essential for healthy, glowing and youthful skin. 2. Clean your makeup brushes Brushes can cause breakouts because of all the bacteria and dirt it collects. Make sure you’re washing your brushes with mild/baby soap every two weeks to ensure this doesn’t happen. 3. Hydration is key Water removes toxic material from our blood and bodies, which improves skin complexion. Just make sure you’re...

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