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7 Ways To Maximise Your Workouts


Are you spending all your time and energy at the gym and not getting the results you expect from all that hard work? We all wish that six packs would magically appear overnight underneath that muffin top, but alas, that’s not going to happen. We have a few ways to get more out of your workouts so you’re that little bit closer to getting those rock hard abs you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Create a playlist

Listening to upbeat music can put you ‘in the zone’ and motivate you through your workout. It also distracts you from noticing your muscles are getting tired.


2. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink regularly throughout the day and your workout. We lose a lot of water by sweating and breathing so keeping hydrated is important. Water also provides energy and oxygen to your body, which will make you work harder.


3. Eat your protein

To build muscles, protein is essential for your diet. There are plenty of ways to get your proteins, whether it be from shakes, meats, beans or nuts for example. It’s also important to eat a healthy, balanced diet (you can allow for a few cheat meals every so often though; hellooo pizza!).


4. Work out with a friend

Keep each other accountable. Working out with a friend can be fun and the time seems to pass quickly. If you’re the competitive type, you can come up with a challenge to see who works harder.


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5. Stick to working out for 30-40 minutes

Don’t overwork yourself. Stick to going hard for 30-40 minutes and stop. Long workouts can be ineffective as you’re probably not working as hard because your body is tired and this may compromise your technique.



6. Lift heavier weights 

Once you’ve perfected your form, go for the heavier weights. A little tip for knowing that you’re working with the right weights is that you can’t do any more than 10-12 reps in a row for each set.


7. Change up your routine

Doing the same exercises over and over and over again can get a little tedious. Why not write up an exercise plan for each week and pick a different activity/exercise routine each time?